Of hot summer sex and wet cooling off


Iroll through your bed and your sheets, which smell so intoxicatingly intensely of you. After this night they will also smell like me, like us. Our sweat, our sleep and our sex. I never want to see anything else again.

(In) heat

The bright full moon light streaming through your skylight makes us look like a black and white porn. Two naked, fine-grained bodies, shiny and glistening with the sweat that the muggy air in your attic apartment pushes out of our pores. Only in retrospect will I realize what an aesthetic setting we created. Only in retrospect do you know what a happy night we had together and what a unique trip it was with us.

I can’t and won’t stop touching your skin

The interaction of our flirting temperature is almost unbearable, I am constantly in heat, outside and inside. But I can’t and won’t stop touching your skin, being close to you. Not only because we practically stick together as soon as there is no longer any fabric absorbing our sweat. Your attraction to me goes beyond any rationality. You smell so irresistible that I practically love you through my nose.

When you open the door to your apartment on the top floor, I only mention in passing that the air is actually more like water. I’m too distracted to complain. You walk slowly down the hall in front of me and I watch your rear view as you pull your black shirt over your head as you walk and let it fall to the floor behind you. Your back is supple and muscular, your skin marked from your teenage days. A combination that gives you a unique, patterned look. My eyes can’t let go of you.

The way they rub my nipples almost randomly

It feels so good to take off my clothes bit by bit after this long summer day. It feels even better that it’s your hands that free me from the fabrics. I close my eyes and enjoy the gentle movements of your fingertips. The way they rub my nipples almost randomly as you unbutton my blouse. You turn me on in such a cheeky casual way. Only the tiny smile at the corner of your mouth reveals that this innocence cannot run deep, that your caution is more pleasure than restraint. I kiss you gently where that smile sits and I get a little dizzy. You. smell So good.

My hands settle on your shoulders, caress your scarred skin, feel the tight muscles underneath. I can feel the movement in her an idea before your touch. Your hand now reaches less innocently and massages my chest. A finger plays with the piercing he finds there, sending small bolts of nerves down my body. Your first greeting to my expectant clit.

Your first greeting to my expectant clit

sex benefitI almost don’t want to get on your bed, the pillows, the blankets, everything speaks of even more warmth. But as you move your body toward the bed, the sight of your lithe slowness pulls me behind you like ropes. You settle onto your mattress in slow motion and I can’t tell if the summer heat is the reason for the speed or if my brain just can’t keep up. My head is full … Read full

The break


what takes a long time … sometimes gets boring.

And then two people sit across from each other who used to love each other, who still love each other if you ask them at this point, but they feel that something isn’t the way it used to be, it’s no longer exciting, isn’t it more exciting, it’s not fun anymore, it doesn’t feel right anymore. And because you’re asked, you answer: It’s not that I don’t love you anymore. But …

But, doesn’t mean anything good.

But because it doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to feel anymore, or how you expect it to feel, or how you hope it feels, you’ve involuntarily come to the conclusion that something needs to change.


You interrupt what is. You take a break. Because: I think it’s good when we have more time for ourselves, when we experience something different again, when we can think about what’s really important to us. Let’s take a break. No, that doesn’t mean it’s over, but no, just a temporary separation, a physical separation, yes?

And the answer is yes.

And you reaffirm your mutual love.

And goes separate ways.

And if you are in it, you believe that these paths will of course cross again, that you only go separate ways so that they cross again.

But if you look at it from outside, you think: over.

Or, dear women, dear men, dear *? Relationship break is nothing more than postponing the final breakup. Because you’re too cowardly. towards yourself. Because you haven’t checked yet that it’s just over.

Or not?

Or not. A break can also be just what it claims to be: a break. Children are given a break after each lesson so that they can get some fresh air and recharge their batteries for the next subject. Smokers know how important it is to just get away from your desk. That’s why they smoke, no other. And all non-smokers know it too, only they just have to justify themselves differently for interrupting their apparent productivity. But when it comes to love, it all has to go smoothly, no bumps and stumbles and stops and catch your breath?

Since love is nothing more than so many other things that we get by in life, I don’t want to take a different approach to all of this in this case, and give it a break.

My big relationship is this. This column. This is episode 555. For 555 weeks I’ve been writing a new text every seven days. I haven’t missed a single week. That’s almost 130 months. That’s over ten and a half years. How many relationships have lasted this long?

It’s not like the love is gone. It’s not like there’s nothing left to write about. It’s not even like there was nothing more I wanted to write about. There are a few subjects on my list that it is with a very heavy heart that I leave them there because I preferred this one. Because it’s time for a break.

And even if many think: break = postponed end , I say: break is break. I say: over the summer. I say: let’s see.

And then I’ll see what’s after the break.

Do I still work on the waiting topics? Do I … Read full

Sexuality: is the G-spot a myth?

is the G-spot a myth

The question of the existence of the G-spot has been asked hundreds of times and yet no one seems to have an answer. Are some women more likely than others? Was the G-spot invented so that lovers redouble their inventiveness to satisfy their partners? We tell you everything.

The scientific community is divided on the question of the existence of the G-spot. But to begin with, what are we talking about? The G-spot would be an area, difficult to flush out, but which would be the key to female orgasm.

This famous G-spot was described for the first time in 1950 by the German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, who gave it its initial: it would be located inside the vagina, 3 centimeters from its entrance, on the stomach side . Once stimulated, it would allow the woman to reach the 7th heaven .

If this point exists, why do very few women say they have never identified it? Did they only deal with bad lovers? 9 out of 10 women would never have felt anything at this level.

The G-spot must be stimulated to be discovered

finding the g spotFeeling nothing is not proof that this G-spot does not exist. According to Dr. Gérard Leleu, sexologist and author of the Treatise on Orgasms (Leducs.s editions), ” most often it is virtual, that is to say not awake and therefore little or not sensitive “. It would therefore suffice to stimulate it to know if it produces an effect or not . You can do it yourself or with your partner, which can lead to small sexual games. To the touch, this area is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall; if you feel that roughness with your finger, you’ve found it.

Some positions are more conducive to G-spot stimulation. Some recommend doggy style, others the spoon… What is certain is that foreplay is essential in the search for this famous area. Indeed, the more the woman will be excited, the more likely she will be to discover the pleasures that the G-spot can give her.

What if we never find out?

If after searching for that erogenous zone many times and you still don’t feel anything, don’t be discouraged. Finding the G-spot can never be an end in itself. When having sex, pleasure can be found in many other ways. And what counts above all is the agreement and the complicity of the couple. If you’re sexually fulfilled, don’t worry about looking for a place that may never give you an orgasm.

It should also be understood that the existence of this zone has not yet been scientifically proven. We must therefore be reassured. If this G-spot is a reality for some women, that they benefit from it, for others, there is nothing to worry about.

But then why do we talk so often about the G-spot? ” It’s the fantasy of the existence of a button that triggers everything ,” explains Catherine Blanc, psychoanalyst and sexologist, in the journal Psychologies . “ A point that would make any woman enjoy, even beyond her desire to enjoy. This reassures men in their ability to make them feel pleasure. But women are not every day able to want it. It is a received idea.… Read full

The London real estate market in summer effervescence against all expectations!

property market in London

While we thought we had hit rock bottom with Brexit, the increase in stamp duty for the most expensive properties, the additional stamp duty for second properties and soon for non-residents, we are now facing a crisis historical sanitary. Could the situation be more dramatic? Could the winds be more contrary to the real estate market? And yet…

The number of real estate transactions reached a record level this summer with 35% more sales in June, 98% more in July and 116% more in August compared to the same months of the year. last. Admittedly, the market has been “sluggish” (in slow motion) for 5 years, admittedly the market closed completely during the “lockdown” but no one had anticipated such a recovery since its reopening in mid-May .

So what’s going on ?

london property marketFirst of all, Brexit was finally approved in parliament just before last Christmas , thus putting an end to a certain amount of uncertainty . Many cautious people had put their plans on hold since the surprise result of the Brexit referendum on June 26, 2016, more than 4 years ago. But we cannot wait indefinitely, life goes on, families grow or change configuration, professional situations change etc… and real estate projects generally accompany these developments. Years pass, uncertainty is still there, crises follow one another and it is necessary, at some point, to decide to continue to live normally. This is what happened at the beginning of January withan impressive upturn in activity at a usually slack period . Unfortunately, the Covid crisis put a halt to this new momentum and the lockdown plunged the real estate market into an artificial coma like never seen before. Our patient was fortunately woken up fairly quickly, and before the end of confinement, in May and was back in great shape in June. Health restrictions in terms of travel having forced the majority of English people to stay at home this summer, they took the opportunity to finally launch their real estate projects.

The crisis has also changed needs and desires. The experience of confinement in a cramped apartment with no outdoor space may have traumatized some. Teleworking , which has been in place in most companies since the start of confinement, has changed working methods and mentalities. Working from home is now more the rule than the exception in London and will be increasingly common in the future. People are therefore reconsidering their priorities according to these new realities and putting the comfort of life back at the center of their concerns. They now prefer to live further away and have more space, a garden…

Finally, as part of the measures to support the economy in times of health crisis, the government has set up a temporary “stamp duty holiday” which cancels the stamp duty for the purchase of goods under £500K. For more expensive goods, this represents a gain of £15,000. This measure must end on March 31, 2021 . This is not negligible and many are accelerating their project to be able to benefit from it.

As far as French people (or non-residents as a general rule) who wish to come and live in the UK are concerned, it is important that they settle in the country before December 31, 2020, the effective … Read full

Having A Good Time with British escorts!

British escorts - petite with sweet small tits

What can you anticipate to experience with British Escorts? Why pure sex-tacy of course! If you are looking forward to living out a sex dream, British escorts will certainly be ideal for you. These sophisticated women can provide you the experience of paradise without breaking the bank. Yes, it is possible to have cheap sex fun with British escorts as long as you select the right company.

Choosing British escorts for an out of this world sex!

While some agencies are still working through phone lines, most have actually transferred to more technologically sophisticated options. In fact, you will discover a lot of British escorts online. The best part of enlisting the services of an adult sex service provider who works online is that you get all the details about the British escorts of your choosing within your reaches.

British escorts - petite with sweet small titsThe websites of British escorts firms like http://www.xlondonescorts.co.uk/ not just take pride in database of numerous ladies however also they use a comprehensive profile with pictures. So, when selecting British escorts who match your fancy, you will understand precisely who you are going to be hanging around with this night and what you will experience. Add to this the reality that the services of these women are incredibly cheap. In truth, when you compare them with other sluts operating in the location, your experience will not only be hotter however also surprisingly cheap.

What type of experience will you have with British escorts?

Do not expect anything less even if you are calling over a British escort. The decrease in the prices can firmly be credited to the fair practices of the agencies that these girls deal with. Due to the fact that their commissions are low, these ladies can offer sex for cheap unlike British escorts working with facilities that charge them 50% of their earnings.

As far as the experience is concerned, you will have a romping good time with these gals. Whether you are a fan of traditional sex positions or want to check out all those things you view in online sex clips, you will discover willing partners in these British escorts. And, who said that your sex fun needs to end at the daybreak? Due to the fact that the company of these British escorts is cheap, you can constantly inquire to stay back for another round of extremely good sex.

These girls will get your boat rocking!

Charming Blonde escortWhatever you want to experience, these girls will enjoy to assuage all your sex desires. You can take a trip with them, take them out dining or to a celebration and then be sure that when you get back home, you will have some sweaty enjoyable in between the sheets. The reality that these girls are using their services for cheap just adds to the experience of hanging out with them.

So, the next time, you want to experience a night right out of your wet dreams, call an experienced British escorts firm like the one discussed above and view cheap sluts sashay into your house making a display of their adequate properties.

Find Out if You Have Foot Fetish by Getting British escorts in London

Every guy has their own fetish in mind towards what makes their desire boosts. There are those who discover products to be … Read full

I get superstars like nude women through London escorts

London escorts in bathtub

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Cute ButtAll the guys can have different set of opinion for ladies. Because of this opinion at some point males get enjoyment … Read full

Blue box agreement on agriculture

World Trade Organization

WTO Agreement on Agriculture

The systems of internal support in agriculture are governed by the Agreement on Agriculture negotiated during the Uruguay Round (1986-1994) and which came into force in 1995. The long-term goal of the Agreement on Agriculture is to create a fair and market-oriented agricultural trade system and to initiate a reform process through negotiations on obligations of support and protection and through the introduction of more consistent and operationally more effective rules and disciplinary measures. Agriculture therefore has a special position, as this branch of industry is regulated by its own convention, the provisions of which are authoritative.

Legal basis

In the context of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) signed in Geneva in 1947 and the Agreement on the Establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) signed in Marrakech in 1994 (OJ L 336 of 23.12.1994), the European Union and its member states rely on the articles 207 (Common Commercial Policy) and Articles 217 and 218 (International agreements) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (see Abstract 5.2.2 ).

General framework of the external dimension of the CAP

The entire common agricultural policy (CAP) has been subject to the rules of the WTO since 1995, including the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), with which a binding dispute settlement procedure was introduced and the signatory states comply with the new multilateral rules.

In addition, the CAP is linked to concessions in the agricultural sector, which are recognized in the framework of multilateral and bilateral agreements for the benefit of a large number of countries, as well as to unilateral derogations granted under the General System of Preferences (GSP). These preferential agreements, which explain the high proportion of imports from developing countries in the European Union’s agricultural imports, must also be compatible with WTO rules (see Abstract 3.2.10 , Table VI).

WTO Agreement on Agriculture

The 1947 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) initially applied to agriculture, but it was incomplete and the signatory states (or “parties”) excluded this industry from the scope of the principles set out in the general agreement. Between 1947 and 1994, Member States were allowed to subsidize the export of agricultural raw materials and, under certain circumstances, to impose import restrictions, with the result that the main agricultural raw materials were subject to trade barriers that other categories of goods did not apply to this extent are common. The road to a fair and market-oriented agricultural trade system was therefore long and rocky, until the negotiations during the Uruguay Round (1986-1994) could finally be brought to a conclusion. Agriculture enjoys a special status in the WTO conventions and agreements on trade in goods (which were signed in 1994 and entered into force on 1 January 1995), as this branch of industry has its own agreement, the provisions of which are authoritative. In addition, certain provisions of the Convention on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) also apply to agricultural production and agricultural trade. The same applies to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) with regard to the protection of geographical indications.

These agreements allow for some flexibility in terms of enforcement, in favor of WTO developing countries (special and differentiated treatment) as well as the least developed countries (LDCs) and developing … Read full