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Blue box agreement on agriculture

World Trade Organization

WTO Agreement on Agriculture

The systems of internal support in agriculture are governed by the Agreement on Agriculture negotiated during the Uruguay Round (1986-1994) and which came into force in 1995. The long-term goal of the Agreement on Agriculture is to create a fair and market-oriented agricultural trade system and to initiate a reform process through negotiations on obligations of support and protection and through the introduction of more consistent and operationally more effective rules and disciplinary measures. Agriculture therefore has a special position, as this branch of industry is regulated by its own convention, the provisions of which are authoritative.

Legal basis

In the context of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) signed in Geneva in 1947 and the Agreement on the Establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) signed in Marrakech in 1994 (OJ L 336 of 23.12.1994), the European Union and its member states rely on the articles 207 (Common Commercial Policy) and Articles 217 and 218 (International agreements) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (see Abstract 5.2.2 ).

General framework of the external dimension of the CAP

The entire common agricultural policy (CAP) has been subject to the rules of the WTO since 1995, including the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), with which a binding dispute settlement procedure was introduced and the signatory states comply with the new multilateral rules.

In addition, the CAP is linked to concessions in the agricultural sector, which are recognized in the framework of multilateral and bilateral agreements for the benefit of a large number of countries, as well as to unilateral derogations granted under the General System of Preferences (GSP). These preferential agreements, which explain the high proportion of imports from developing countries in the European Union’s agricultural imports, must also be compatible with WTO rules (see Abstract 3.2.10 , Table VI).

WTO Agreement on Agriculture

The 1947 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) initially applied to agriculture, but it was incomplete and the signatory states (or “parties”) excluded this industry from the scope of the principles set out in the general agreement. Between 1947 and 1994, Member States were allowed to subsidize the export of agricultural raw materials and, under certain circumstances, to impose import restrictions, with the result that the main agricultural raw materials were subject to trade barriers that other categories of goods did not apply to this extent are … Read full

Sentences showing subject verb agreement in law

Legal Default Picture

Subject/verb arrangement can appear uncomplicated for native speakers and others comfortable with English; we understand to write “the lawyer argues” and “the attorneys argue.” However, some special scenarios can make it more difficult to tell whether a subject and verb truly do concur. These complications can emerge from the words themselves, or from their order in a particular sentence.

Acknowledging plural and particular nouns

Again, the essentials are straightforward – we normally include an “s” to the end of a noun to form a plural (a group of more than one “accused” constitutes “accuseds”) and understand the most typical irregular plurals (a group of more than one “kid” is a group of “children”). However here are a few to look out for.

Some words you might not recognize are particular:

another – anybody – anyone – anything
each – either – every – everybody
everyone – less – little – much
neither – nobody – none – no one
nothing – somebody – someone – something

1) Words that seem to describe a group but must be treated like individuals because they are grammatically particular. They are:

For some words, it might help to consider the word split into its parts, so that “everybody” becomes “each,” “none” becomes “not one,” and so on. This strategy stresses that the topic is “one” (” every” shows which “one” is under consideration) and “one” is obviously singular.

Incorrect: “Of all the trainees in the class, none have taken Latin.”

Right: “Of all the students in the class, none has actually taken Latin.”

2) Words that end in “s” however represent a concept as a whole. Some examples: news, politics, data, economics.

Incorrect: “Gymnastics are more hazardous than football.”

Right: “Gymnastics is more unsafe than football.”

3) Collective nouns that represent a group of individuals acting as a body. Consider the following:

Right: “The Sons of the Revolution has actually an intertwined relationship with the state.”

Although under normal scenarios, “sons” would take a plural verb, in this case the author has actually properly understood that “Sons of the Revolution” is an appropriate noun describing one organization as a whole, instead of several specific children.

Likewise, some common nouns that may represent a group of individuals acting as one are:

board (of directors) – committee – corporation – couple
court – family – government – jury
majority – panel (of judges)

Keep … Read full

Risks of not having a shareholders agreement

shareholders' agreement

When do I need a shareholders’ agreement?

For the founders of a stock corporation, sooner or later the question arises whether they need a shareholders’ agreement. One often hears from SME circles in particular that this is already part of the standard. But is such a contract absolutely necessary? And what exactly should it contain? We will answer these and other questions about shareholders’ agreements.

At a glance

It is important to know that a shareholders’ agreement regulates the position and obligations of the contracting parties among themselves, but never implies the company as a contracting party. Regulations of the relationships between the AG and the shareholders do not belong in this contract.

Terminology and meaning of the shareholders’ agreement

The shareholders’ agreement has many names. Some call it a pool contract, others a syndicate contract or a shareholder consortium. However, that is all one and the same. A shareholders’ agreement applies exclusively to the legal form of a stock corporation. The basic aim of this contract is to regulate the rights and obligations of shareholders among one another. You can also integrate non-shareholders into the contract – these are usually potential future share buyers.

But why bother when there is stock corporation law? From his point of view, the tasks of a shareholder are very simple: They only have one duty and that is to pay in the corresponding share capital. This may be sufficient within large corporations, in which shareholders are often completely unfamiliar with one another. It usually looks different in smaller companies. In particular, when the company has only a few shareholders, there is a closer relationship with one another. Then you need to know who is working alongside you. This implies the desire to establish equal rules – both from the point of view of the shareholders and the partners.

Structure and content of the shareholders’ agreement

As mentioned before, a shareholders’ agreement does not at any time regulate the corporate law obligations of shareholders towards the stock corporation. It only regulates the obligations between the individual contracting parties themselves.

As far as the scope of the contract is concerned, there are no specific legal provisions. The general legal requirements must be complied with. You must also take into account personal rights and public order. Of course, the contract must not contain any immoral content (Art. 19 Para. 2 OR).

In most cases, a shareholders’ … Read full