Janissary was my entry for Ludum Dare 36. The description for the game is

You are a member of the Janissaries, the elite fighting force of the Ottoman empire. The empire has come under attack from a massive fleet of airships, but no worries, as an elite fighting member, you have the trusty musket. Explode the airships with your musket to defend the empire’s honour!

Truth be told, the game was initially just supposed to be a shooter where the user has to manually reload a musket. The actual theme came along when I realised that my scenes were looking too plain, so I was using the sandstorm particle effect to hide that fact and I needed a theme to match that.

Props to my buddy who wishes to remain anonymous for both the musket and blimp models. I am somewhat artistically blind, so I didn’t realise how bad the models I made were before comparing them with his.

Janissary can be found on the LD36 submission page here.

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