Quad Flingers

Quad Flingers was my entry into Ludum Dare 35. This was both my first Ludum Dare, as well as the first Game Jam where I worked alone. To quote myself on the description of the game

Quad Flingers is a 2D top-down local 2-player shooter, where you each play as n-sided regular polygons which are capable of flinging quads. The aim of the game is for you to CRUSH your opponent. In order to achieve this, just fling quads at them until they die.

To be able to fling quads, you need to collect the various yellow quads scattered across the map, these also double up as your health. The number of sides you have indicates both your health and available ammo. Be careful however, as once you collapse to a 1 dimensional peasant (less than 3 sides), you will lose the game.

In addition to the quads scattered across the environment, there are also various powerups to improve damage, speed, and rotation rate. You can use these to improve yourself.

I found that working alone was a lot more challenging than in a group, as it wasn’t possible to concentrate on just the parts I was working on. This made prioritisation of features a lot more important in order to get an actual working game out.

Quad Flingers can be found here.

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