Solemn Dong

Solemn Dong was my team’s entry into the 2016 Global Game Jam. As per description on the website

Many of us have experienced the difficult nights out ritual where we are pissed, and need to piss. Solemn Dong allows us to re-experience these precious, but often forgotten, moments by allowing you to relieve yourself in a variety of environments, and onto a variety of objects.

It is, for the lack of a better description, a drunken pissing simulator, where the player uses the Thalmic Myo to control the phallus in order to try direct the stream of urine into the toilet or urinals.

The one challenging thing about working on this game was the actual physics of the phallus (yes I’m being serious here). We sort of hacked it with some spring joints and assigning those to bones, but this did create some weird physics glitches at times. I feel like, if given more time, a better approach might be to model the phallus as a single spring, and then tessellate to get the actual geometry.

It was pretty amusing working on this game, although that is probably because I act half my age.

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