Super Massive Crate Dash

Super Massive Crate Dash is a game I worked on along with a few friends during the 2015 Global Game Jam.  To quote the description from the GGJ website,

Super Massive Crate Dash is a massive multi-player local single button infinite runner game. In SMCD, people can join on the fly by pressing a button (any keyboard button). Players are tasked to avoid obstacles, pick up power-ups, and avoid falling behind the camera. Dead players can still play by playing as crate obstacles, which can impede existing players.

This was the first game jam that I’ve participated in, and I was really pleased with the result, both in terms of the final game as well as how much fun I had during the jam. Huge props to both Paul for the art, and Ivo for the music, really helped create a cool atmosphere for what was otherwise a somewhat simple game.

Since the game was quite popular, and we decided to further improve it by adding more levels, powerups, and music.

The last build of the game can be found here.


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