Running With Power

My Entry to Ludum Dare 39 solo compo, can be found here. Running with power is a time attack game where you have to get to the end of the course as fast as possible.

I really wanted to make a racing-ish game as I haven’t before so I kinda hamfisted it into the theme. I wasn’t too happy with the outcome as I overscoped a bit (my artwork ability is terrible so it takes me ages to make assets), but glad that I did manage to finish.

On a side note, the new Unity post processing library is pretty good for making crappy assets look somewhat decent..

Kawaaai Desuuuu

This game was made for the FreeLives “cute 8 hours jam”. The premise of the game is quite simple, just kill the cute little googly-eyed critters, and try not to touch their poop and them as you will then be overcome by love and lose. I worked on this game with my buddy

Nothing particularly interesting about this game… I just really wanted to make anime noises and Ryan wanted something with googly eyes..