Tiktok Terms And Agreement

The basic terms that are not defined in this directive have the meaning given to them under the terms of use. In addition to the main text of this policy, you accept the terms of this privacy policy using the platform in the United Arab Emirates and accept the disclosure of your personal data in accordance with the main text of this Privacy Policy. Please read carefully the terms and conditions of these conditions. IN CLIQUANT ON THE BOUTON “ACCEPT THE TikTok for the conditions of use of developers” BOUTON ON THE FIN OF CES TERMES OR BY OTHERWISE DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING, ACCESSING, USING OR USING THE TIKTOK DEVELOPER SERVICES, YOU AGREE THAT HAVE READ, AND THAT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THESE TERMS TO AGREE, PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE TIKTOK DEVELOPER SERVICES. The U.S. government has limited rights. The services and related documentation are “commercial objects,” as defined in 48 C.F.R. No. 2.101, which consists of “Commercial Computer Software” and “Commercial Computer Documentation Documentation,” since these terms are used in 48 C.F.R. No.

12,212 or 48 C.R. 227.7202, if applicable. In agreement with 48 C.F.R. 12.212 or 48 C.R. 227.7202-1 to 227.7202-4, where applicable, commercial computer software and commercial documentation of computer software are granted to end-users (a) only as commercial objects and (b) with only the rights granted to all end-users in accordance with current conditions. Questions? Contact us feedback@tiktok.com. We can review these conditions from time to time, the most recent version will always be on ticktockapps.com/terms-of-use. If the review is essential to our discretion, we will notify you the next time you log in to our mobile app.

By following the access or use of the Services after these revisions come into effect, you agree to the revised terms. When we transfer your personal data to third countries, we do so within the framework of the European Commission`s standard contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries (i.e. standard contractual clauses) in accordance with the Commission`s 2004/915/EC decision or 2010/87/EU (if applicable) or in accordance with an alternative mechanism approved by EU legislation. For a copy of these standard contractual terms, please contact us at: www.tiktok.com/legal/report/privacy. If you are a resident of California, you may have the right to receive once a calendar year information about personal data that we have eventually shared with other companies for their own direct marketing purposes. If so, this information contains the categories of customer information as well as the names and addresses of the companies with which we shared customer information for the immediately scheduled calendar year. To apply, please contact us at: www.tiktok.com/legal/report/privacy. TikTok is not for under-13s. In some cases, this age may be higher due to local administrative constraints, for more information, check your local privacy policy.

If you think we have personal data about a child under the appropriate age or that we have been collected by the child, please contact us at: www.tiktok.com/legal/report/privacy. You can terminate your legal agreement with Tick Tock Apps at any time, for any reason or for any reason, by deactivating your accounts and terminating the use of the services. You don`t need to specifically notify Tick Tock Apps if you no longer use the services. If you no longer use the services without deactivating your accounts, your accounts may be disabled due to prolonged inactivity. MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY APPLICABLE, IN NO EVENT SHALL TIKTOK, ITS AFFILIATES, ASSIGNS, SUCCESSORS, LICENSEES OR LICENSEES, OR EACH OF THEIR AGENTS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, ADVISORS OR SHAREHOLDERS, BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, PUNISHABLE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY LOSS OF DATA, SERVICE INTERRUPTION, COMPUTER FAILURE, OR PECUNIARY LOSS) A