Aipn Gas Transportation Agreement

Since 1990, the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) has entered into standard contracts for use in a wide range of international energy industry agreements – joint enterprise agreements, agricultural agreements, gas sales and gas transmission contracts, and contracts for the sale and sale of liquefied natural gas, to name a few. This ACCORD INTERRUPTIBLE INSTATE GAS TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT, which was concluded from the 1st day of the agreement – click here to apply to join a committee. AIPN members still have free access to download all AIPN model contracts as well as guides, translations and training modules for contracts, if applicable. Archived contracts are also available online for free. Members also have the advantage of joining one of AIPN`s editorial boards. Members, click here to access your profile page where you can manage your members. Read more: The AIPN Agreement on Model Litigation 2017 A list of current model contracts is shown on the right. Here is a list of the archived contracts available. Editorial boards are developing new models and constantly updating older versions. The ICGB will operate the gas link between the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Bulgaria, known as the “Greece-Bulgaria interconnection” (“CSI pipeline”), for the connection, reception and/or supply of gas. AIPN standard contracts support the parties by allowing them to focus their efforts on important commercial and contractual terms and not on standard provisions. Non-members can purchase contracts or translations for $185. Committee members may attend meetings and comment on issues related to a particular contract during the development of the contract.

The collective knowledge of the members of the Committee and the debates that take place during the committee meetings represent an important educational opportunity for you, the negotiator. Published works | Arbitration in the international energy sector | March 1, 2019 This agreement is concluded on November 1, 1999 by and between TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE COMPANY, a Delaware Corporation, known as “Carrier” and ROANOKE GAS COMPANY, as virginia Corporation. It`s a shipper. Carriers and shippers are jointly referred to as “parties.” APA ACN/ABN Address for service Level 19, HSBC Building, 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Copy to: Manager Commercial [insert details address] or Dersper APA from time to time Facsimile APA`s Representative Email Shipper ACN/ABN Address for service Facsimile Address for Shipper`s Representative Due Email Standards, The laws and customs, the drafting committees of the AIPN are composed of a wide range of practitioners and negotiators who work together to develop a balanced and comprehensive model contract, using, where appropriate, options and alternatives to reflect differences in international interprofessional practices.