Ivcc Cooperative Agreement

Repeated courses or courses cancelled after the date of the fall are not covered by the co-operative/chargeback agreement. A co-operative/loadback agreement is not approved if jjC proposes the desired program of study. The definition of the offer or not of the desired program is made by comparing the JJC program with the desired program and its component courses in the official catalogue of the college that the candidate wishes to follow. If JJC has a similar curriculum or if JJC has a cooperation agreement with another community school with a curriculum similar to that established by the JJC Vice-President for Academic Affairs, no re-booking is allowed. To obtain approval for a co-operative/chargeback agreement, the following guidelines must be fulfilled. If you don`t follow the guidelines, you can`t get permission. A student may not have more than one rebooking of cooperative/return at the same time. To qualify for a cooperative/recovery agreement, the student must have a permanent residence in JJC District 525. The residence of non-emancipated persons is that of their parents. If the applicant has a foreign nationality, proof of permanent residence (green card or new equivalent) is required. Residents of District 525 are entitled to a co-op/chargeback agreement after spending 30 days in the District and checking their residence with an Illinois driver`s license or state ID. A student who has entered into a JJC cooperation/chargeback agreement but has a permanent residence will terminate his co-op/chargeback agreement at the end of the period in which he has moved.

Heartland Community College has co-operation agreements with 36 other Illinois community colleges that allow heartland District residents to enrol in certificates of education and technical education that are not available at HCC. The district contribution applies only to course work for currently approved curricula between cooperating educational institutions and those proposing recovery agreements. Students who change their studies outside of these agreements are charged outside the study cycle for all programs of study. If you apply for admission to a closed reception program at another community school, a co-op/chargeback agreement is only approved when you submit a letter of acceptance indicating that you have been included in this program.