Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Vertrag

11 Software Assurance Software Assurance (SA) is an offer that is only available through Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs. SA increases the return on your investments in the latest Microsoft (Return on Investment, ROI) technology, including through deployment planning, IT support and licensing mobility workshops, optimize your control of software usage in the business through automatic access to the latest software, while increasing the productivity of your IT employees through home use rights. , online product training and a mobile virtual office. You have the option to enter into SA either jointly with a license as a License and Software Assurance, or as a renewal of an existing SA agreement. Software Assurance is available for all products available through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program. With Software Assurance, you can increase the value of your IT investment, reduce costs while increasing flexibility in software use. Microsoft Software Assurance Services provides you with many important services for your group`s productivity as group customers in relation to Software Assurance. The many services can be operated by employees in your group at no additional cost. They offer a combination of deployment planning services (consultant workshops), technical support, training cheques, e-learning, home use rights and so on. For more information on the various services, please see Insurance Software`s customer guide. You can also find out the exact extent of the services in the product list or at the address.

Please refer to the Volume Licensing Service Center Licensing Management Portal below 118 Contract Structure Duration and Contract Renewal The duration of an Enterprise Agreement contract is 36 calendar months. When a contract expires, there is a one-time option to renew the existing contract for an additional 36 calendar months. Alternatively, you can enter into a new contract in an immediate connection. Microsoft Business and Service Contract The conclusion of an enterprise contract is the prior conclusion of a Microsoft Business and Service contract. The Microsoft Business and Service contract defines the general provisions of Microsoft`s contract and is concluded after a single negotiation for an indefinite period of the contract. Group Contract The group contract defines the terms and process for acquiring additional group products and products, as well as for subsequent orders, adjustment orders and licence confirmations. Group Membership As part of group membership, you define the associated companies as well as the group`s products, the group`s online services and the additional online products or services you want to include in the contract. Price Levels and Benefits Your price level is the result of the number of qualified desktop computers and qualified users you have reported in your group, i.e. to you and your related companies participating in the Enterprise Agreement.