Sexuality: is the G-spot a myth?

is the G-spot a myth

The question of the existence of the G-spot has been asked hundreds of times and yet no one seems to have an answer. Are some women more likely than others? Was the G-spot invented so that lovers redouble their inventiveness to satisfy their partners? We tell you everything.

The scientific community is divided on the question of the existence of the G-spot. But to begin with, what are we talking about? The G-spot would be an area, difficult to flush out, but which would be the key to female orgasm.

This famous G-spot was described for the first time in 1950 by the German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, who gave it its initial: it would be located inside the vagina, 3 centimeters from its entrance, on the stomach side . Once stimulated, it would allow the woman to reach the 7th heaven .

If this point exists, why do very few women say they have never identified it? Did they only deal with bad lovers? 9 out of 10 women would never have felt anything at this level.

The G-spot must be stimulated to be discovered

finding the g spotFeeling nothing is not proof that this G-spot does not exist. According to Dr. Gérard Leleu, sexologist and author of the Treatise on Orgasms (Leducs.s editions), ” most often it is virtual, that is to say not awake and therefore little or not sensitive “. It would therefore suffice to stimulate it to know if it produces an effect or not . You can do it yourself or with your partner, which can lead to small sexual games. To the touch, this area is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall; if you feel that roughness with your finger, you’ve found it.

Some positions are more conducive to G-spot stimulation. Some recommend doggy style, others the spoon… What is certain is that foreplay is essential in the search for this famous area. Indeed, the more the woman will be excited, the more likely she will be to discover the pleasures that the G-spot can give her.

What if we never find out?

If after searching for that erogenous zone many times and you still don’t feel anything, don’t be discouraged. Finding the G-spot can never be an end in itself. When having sex, pleasure can be found in many other ways. And what counts above all is the agreement and the complicity of the couple. If you’re sexually fulfilled, don’t worry about looking for a place that may never give you an orgasm.

It should also be understood that the existence of this zone has not yet been scientifically proven. We must therefore be reassured. If this G-spot is a reality for some women, that they benefit from it, for others, there is nothing to worry about.

But then why do we talk so often about the G-spot? ” It’s the fantasy of the existence of a button that triggers everything ,” explains Catherine Blanc, psychoanalyst and sexologist, in the journal Psychologies . “ A point that would make any woman enjoy, even beyond her desire to enjoy. This reassures men in their ability to make them feel pleasure. But women are not every day able to want it. It is a received idea.