The break


what takes a long time … sometimes gets boring.

And then two people sit across from each other who used to love each other, who still love each other if you ask them at this point, but they feel that something isn’t the way it used to be, it’s no longer exciting, isn’t it more exciting, it’s not fun anymore, it doesn’t feel right anymore. And because you’re asked, you answer: It’s not that I don’t love you anymore. But …

But, doesn’t mean anything good.

But because it doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to feel anymore, or how you expect it to feel, or how you hope it feels, you’ve involuntarily come to the conclusion that something needs to change.


You interrupt what is. You take a break. Because: I think it’s good when we have more time for ourselves, when we experience something different again, when we can think about what’s really important to us. Let’s take a break. No, that doesn’t mean it’s over, but no, just a temporary separation, a physical separation, yes?

And the answer is yes.

And you reaffirm your mutual love.

And goes separate ways.

And if you are in it, you believe that these paths will of course cross again, that you only go separate ways so that they cross again.

But if you look at it from outside, you think: over.

Or, dear women, dear men, dear *? Relationship break is nothing more than postponing the final breakup. Because you’re too cowardly. towards yourself. Because you haven’t checked yet that it’s just over.

Or not?

Or not. A break can also be just what it claims to be: a break. Children are given a break after each lesson so that they can get some fresh air and recharge their batteries for the next subject. Smokers know how important it is to just get away from your desk. That’s why they smoke, no other. And all non-smokers know it too, only they just have to justify themselves differently for interrupting their apparent productivity. But when it comes to love, it all has to go smoothly, no bumps and stumbles and stops and catch your breath?

Since love is nothing more than so many other things that we get by in life, I don’t want to take a different approach to all of this in this case, and give it a break.

My big relationship is this. This column. This is episode 555. For 555 weeks I’ve been writing a new text every seven days. I haven’t missed a single week. That’s almost 130 months. That’s over ten and a half years. How many relationships have lasted this long?

It’s not like the love is gone. It’s not like there’s nothing left to write about. It’s not even like there was nothing more I wanted to write about. There are a few subjects on my list that it is with a very heavy heart that I leave them there because I preferred this one. Because it’s time for a break.

And even if many think: break = postponed end , I say: break is break. I say: over the summer. I say: let’s see.

And then I’ll see what’s after the break.

Do I still work on the waiting topics? Do I tackle new topics? Do I do something different? Do I do something else? Do I do everything right away? Do I break up? Or if I realize how much I miss it.

you will see.

We will see.

I do not know yet.