Of hot summer sex and wet cooling off


Iroll through your bed and your sheets, which smell so intoxicatingly intensely of you. After this night they will also smell like me, like us. Our sweat, our sleep and our sex. I never want to see anything else again.

(In) heat

The bright full moon light streaming through your skylight makes us look like a black and white porn. Two naked, fine-grained bodies, shiny and glistening with the sweat that the muggy air in your attic apartment pushes out of our pores. Only in retrospect will I realize what an aesthetic setting we created. Only in retrospect do you know what a happy night we had together and what a unique trip it was with us.

I can’t and won’t stop touching your skin

The interaction of our flirting temperature is almost unbearable, I am constantly in heat, outside and inside. But I can’t and won’t stop touching your skin, being close to you. Not only because we practically stick together as soon as there is no longer any fabric absorbing our sweat. Your attraction to me goes beyond any rationality. You smell so irresistible that I practically love you through my nose.

When you open the door to your apartment on the top floor, I only mention in passing that the air is actually more like water. I’m too distracted to complain. You walk slowly down the hall in front of me and I watch your rear view as you pull your black shirt over your head as you walk and let it fall to the floor behind you. Your back is supple and muscular, your skin marked from your teenage days. A combination that gives you a unique, patterned look. My eyes can’t let go of you.

The way they rub my nipples almost randomly

It feels so good to take off my clothes bit by bit after this long summer day. It feels even better that it’s your hands that free me from the fabrics. I close my eyes and enjoy the gentle movements of your fingertips. The way they rub my nipples almost randomly as you unbutton my blouse. You turn me on in such a cheeky casual way. Only the tiny smile at the corner of your mouth reveals that this innocence cannot run deep, that your caution is more pleasure than restraint. I kiss you gently where that smile sits and I get a little dizzy. You. smell So good.

My hands settle on your shoulders, caress your scarred skin, feel the tight muscles underneath. I can feel the movement in her an idea before your touch. Your hand now reaches less innocently and massages my chest. A finger plays with the piercing he finds there, sending small bolts of nerves down my body. Your first greeting to my expectant clit.

Your first greeting to my expectant clit

sex benefitI almost don’t want to get on your bed, the pillows, the blankets, everything speaks of even more warmth. But as you move your body toward the bed, the sight of your lithe slowness pulls me behind you like ropes. You settle onto your mattress in slow motion and I can’t tell if the summer heat is the reason for the speed or if my brain just can’t keep up. My head is full of cotton, I feel enveloped in subliminal exertion and in an overwhelming desire to be close to you.

Hot and cold

You pushed the pillows off the bed and relaxed on your stomach. Show me your strong back, your tense shoulders and your butt, which is the only area of ​​your body that is still covered by a thin black fabric. My hands, slightly shaky, grab the hem of your underwear and gently pull them down your legs. When I reach your feet, I slow down. I let breaths pass, one, two, until I finally free you completely and the black falls silently next to your bed.

…while a light moan sends a visible shiver down your spine and legs.
Then the fingertips of my hand settle on your heel and begin their trek in the opposite direction. Mostly caressing, sometimes scratching, they give you goosebumps. Your moonlit skin looks dull for a moment while a soft moan sends a visible shiver down your spine and legs.

I’m sure you’re thinking that my fingers have to touch the base of your butt next. You’re so close to that sensitive spot, there’s no getting around it! I know, for once, the stroking won’t tickle you there, you’re already too horny for that. But at the last moment my fingers lift, my hand leaves your immediate vicinity and I leave your bedroom towards the kitchen.

You moan in small terrors, part pain of pleasure, part relief.

We are lucky that there are still a few last ice cubes to be found in the freezer. I enjoy the play of your reactions when the cold surprises you in a new spot on your back. You moan in small terrors, part pain of pleasure, part relief. Enjoy my power play and chill as I get more and more aroused every time you flinch beneath me. Am I at your service or are you at my mercy?

Meltdown Moments

Suddenly you move more clearly under me, make room and roll onto your back. Surprised and delighted to be able to admire your grin again, I accept the melting ice cube from my hand. You reach out and apply the ice to my collarbone. Melt water immediately runs down my chest and upper body. The drops draw refreshing tracks over my heated skin and since you don’t stop letting the ice wander over my collarbones and breasts, I’m wet with ice sweat after a short time.

The drops draw refreshing paths over my heated skin

Drops of water run down my stomach and get caught in the strip of hair I left on my mons pubis. Others walk past and drip off me onto your hard cock. I’m clearly aware that he’s already in pole position between my open legs . I’m almost amazed that the drops don’t evaporate the second they touch his soft, blood-hot skin.

The ice between us has now completely melted. I massage my vulval lips with one hand and it’s completely unclear to me to what extent the moisture I feel between my fingers comes from meltwater, lust or sweat. You’ve also started touching yourself now and are greedily watching what’s going on between my lips. I think I speak for both of us when I say that I want to feel you deeply. You nod enthusiastically without taking your eyes off my pussy.

I speak for both of us when I say that I want to feel you deeply.

Not by magic, but from your left I receive a condom and open the packaging carefully so that we can ensure our protection together. Just moments later, I grab your cock and align it under me. It makes me unbelievable how hot I can feel him at my entrance. I can feel him slowly pushing himself into me expectantly and provocatively as I lower my pelvis. Clearly, but not painfully, it stretches its way deeper and deeper into my heat. Its width is perfect, I have to confess to you with a groan. I won’t let you go anytime soon tonight